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Class Schedule & Bookings

Here is our current upcoming class schedule.  Click on any of the classes to book.

Our Junior dog training course is unique  from our other classes as once you have purchased the 5 week package (including the introductory session which is either by private lesson or by joining in with one of our puppy class froup introductory sessions) or the 4 week package (for those who have already completed an Introductory session through puppy classes) you can attend the other lessons in the course whenever you like. Packages are valid for 6 months from date of purchase. Once you have completed your package, you may buy another one or just pay on a week by week basic and   you may keep coming to our Junior Dog Training course until you feel you have gotten the most out of the training and have the well behaved dog you wish for.

To book packages please follow the book now class tab and select packages - Junior Dog Training Class - and then you can use the credits for the sessions whenever you like. 
Please note: The introductory session is mandatory and must be completed before attending any of the other single sessions. A training package must be purchased initially so you complete all the lessons and then once you have done this you can purchase them on a casual basis.

It is appreciated if you could please book for Junior dog classes BEFORE 11am on the Friday before the Saturday session so we know who is coming and can plan the lesson. 

For further information  call 0404 696 421 or email

Is your class not on the schedule?  
0404 696 421 or email to book or inquire about the next session.
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