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Doggy Day Care

PLEASE NOTE: We will be closing daycare on 6th December and so are currently not taking any more new clients for daycare. If you have been to us before you are welcome to book in up until 6th December but unfortunately no new dogs will be accepted. 

Do you work long hours, have a busy home schedule or perhaps just want your dog to get a little more out of life – then Paws...4 Playtime are here for you!

With us, your dog can play, exercise, relax and learn all in a safe, low stress and positive environment.Our goal is to keep your pet happy, stress free and entertained during the day so you don’t have to worry about your pup digging up the yard, barking at the neighbours or tearing the washing off the line. 

Our qualified pet care professionals can  look after your dog at our purpose built dog training and daycare grounds. Instead of leaving your dog at home for the day, why not book them in for daycare and let us care for them while they enjoy socialising with other dogs, interactive games, pampering and playtime. 

Our Daycare is currently open three day per week with the view to expand in the future if the service is popular. We are currently open on Wednesday and Thursday from 8 am until 5 pm. Late pick up not pre-organized will attract a late fee of $10 per 15 minute intervals. Bookings are essential and dogs must be fully vaccinated (C5 required including kennel cough vaccination) and sociable with other dogs to attend (Assessments can be arranged by appointment and are a requirement before any new dog is accepted into the daycare group) . Please note: dogs must be desexed and no entire males or females on heat will be accepted into daycare. All dogs MUST be assessed prior to attending daycare for suitability. If I have not met your dog before then a behavioural assessment must be organised before booking in. 

Daily activities

 We structure our day to include play, relaxation and fun learning to maximize your dog’s experience at day-care.  Throughout the day there is always a variety of experiences to challenge your dog’s skills and cater for their varying emotions and energies.   We have a suggested daily routine but most importantly, we listen to your fur-kids and give them the choices to rest when they are tired, learn when they are keen and play when they are ready. 


 Approximate times


Arrivals (8 - 9am)

Check in, give us an update on how your dog is going and any changes in their routine at home. Pop any items into their personal baskets for our staff to access during the day.

Morning activities (9am-12pm)

Free Supervised Play with their doggy friends (in appropriately chosen groups), ball play, tunnel runs, 'find the scent' games, interaction with staff and water play in summer!

Individual attention (12--12:30/1pm) 

Group Time helps to develop important skills like listening, taking turns, and practicing focus. 

Dogs will work on lifestyle skills such as impulse control, sit and recall.

Lunch time (1-2:30pm)

Naps / Quiet time -  Dogs will be put in individual cubbies with toys to chew and allowed to rest. Our Quiet time area has the lights out; Adaptil diffusers, and doggy relaxation music for a more relaxing and peaceful snooze.

Half day dogs get picked up between 12:30 and 1 pm

Afternoon activities (2:30-:4 pm)

Slower play is commenced like ‘hide & seek’, ‘treasure hunts’ or their favourite toys.

Individual attention and home time  (4 -5pm)

Some more learning time with basic manners training (gate manners, sit, down etc). Kong time for some whilst others may want a little more snooze time. Pick up time commences

A quick brush and tidy up for those who have got a bit carried away during play time.  Some quiet time before pick up 

Toys away and clean up time.

  •    * Full day of Daycare (7-10 hours) — $35
  •    * Half day daycare (3-6 hours)  — $25 



  • PLEASE NOTE: We are currently not taking any more new clients for daycare. if you have been before you are welcome to book in up until 6th of December but no new dogs will be accepted.