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Our Junior Training Classes are for dogs who are over 4 months of age and who may have missed out on  attending our puppy classes OR for those that have attended our puppy classes but wish to do some further training with their dog. During this class we hope to give you a better understanding of your dog and help him or her become a well-mannered member of the community.

During the course we aim to:
  • Teach basic manners (Sit, Come, Lie Down, Stay, Stay, and Leave);
  • Teach dogs to walk nicely on the lead;
  • Help owner to get their dogs attention and teach them to come away from another dog when called;
  • Help owners to relax/calm their dogs and teach them to go and lie on their bed when asked; 
  • Teach dogs to accept and enjoy being handled for Vet checks and grooming;
  • Discuss responsible pet ownership;
  • Help owners with any problems they may be having with their dogs.

Our Junior dog training classes are unique because once you have purchased a 5 pass package (including the introductory session) or the 4 pass package (for those who have already completed an Introductory session) you can attend any of the lessons in the course whenever you like and in no particular order. These classes are independent of each other and we accept new dogs each week. You may keep coming to our Junior Dog Training course until you feel you have gotten the most out of the training and have the well behaved dog you wish for, therefore all levels of training are welcome and the class is ideal for those that have previously attended our puppy class and want further training or for those that are just starting out.

All dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations. Classes are held in Cooma and Jindabyne throughout the year and dogs must be people and dog friendly to join this class. If they have previously had problems with people or other dogs then this will be assessed as part of the private introductory session prior to joining the class. During this assessment your dogs social skills with people and other dogs will be assessed to ensure they will be happy in a group situation. This is necessary to ensure the smooth running of the classes, but also to make sure your dog will be able to cope in a group of other dogs and people. If your dog is not happy around strange people or dogs then he/she would not benefit from the class and he/she may end up more stressed than before.

If we feel your dog would not suit our Junior dog training class then we can continue with private lessons or we have a Reactive dog class which may be more suited.

Please note: The introductory session is mandatory and must be completed before attending any of the rolling enrollment sessions (this costs $50 for just the Introductory session or can be purchased as part of a package - see below). For further information please call  0404 696 421 or email

-Individual classes - $30 per training session (or $50 (Cooma) or $90 (Jindy/Berridale) if you just want to purchase the Private Intro session and no other training classes at this stage. Of course it is more beneficial to purchase the package) .
-5 session pass including private introductory session (in Cooma) - $140
-5 session pass including private introductory session (in Berridale, Jindabyne or Bombala) - $180
-4 session pass (no Introductory if you have completed this through one of our other courses) - $100
You can purchase the sessions individually as well if you like for $30 per session.

Packages can be purchased by following the below link and clicking on Packages - Junior Dog Training Class (with or without Intro) and then booking the class you want and using your 'credits'. Packages must be paid for before credits can be used. 

For training classes, it is appreciated if you please ensure you book in before 11am on the friday before the Saturday class so I know who is coming.