Servicing Cooma and the Snowy Mountains Region of NSW.
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Training Philosophy

At Paws…4 Training we use a gentle reward method that is a scientifically proven, evidence based method of training dogs which is also fun for the whole family. Positive reinforcement training means rewarding the dog for the correct behaviour with food, play or toys (or anything else that the dog find rewarding) and it is the preferred technique of Veterinary Behaviourists and educated dog trainers around the world. By rewarding your dog for the correct behaviour, your dog is more eager to learn, it will learn new behaviours quickly and the bond between you and your dog is built on trust which leads to an incredible relationship. 

In all our courses, we include socialisation of dogs, relaxation and handling techniques and we hope for you to develop a more understanding and trusting

relationship with your dog. There is no harsh handling or punishment used during any of our courses as we find it is better that a dog wants to please their owner rather than is forced to do so out of intimidation and fear. By understanding why your dog is doing a particular behaviour and using that information to re-teach you dog, will help resolve the problem more quickly and it will also ensure the problem does not resurface at a later time, which may happen with more old fashioned methods of training that are unfortunately still around today. 

Classes are held on Saturdays and are limited to 6 dogs per class which mean you will get the individual attention you deserve. We are happy for all family members, including children to attend training classes, as we believe the more people in the family learning about dog behaviour ensure a better trained dog (however it is often better if younger children are supervised by a second adult so you can get the most out of the training class with your dog). 

Private lessons can be arranged by appointment at anytime of the week or on weekends if it does not clash with group class times. By attending our classes we hope to achieve a happy owner and a happy dog!