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Walk & Train Private Lessons

Our Walk and Train lessons are designed to help those dogs who are either reactive to other dogs on their walks or who are just so excited by their walk that they pull on the lead making it an unpleasent experience for the owner. These 30 minute lessons are designed to help dogs learn how to behave on their walks. These are also good for people who work long hours and need someone to walk their dog for them, with the peice of mind that the person is qualified in Animal behaviour and fully insured. We aim to teach the dog how to behave and then the owner will be assisted in the training so they can enjoy their walks together. 

The cost for these lessons is $25 per 30 minute lesson, however it is advisable to purchase multiple lessons in one go so you can really get your dog on the right track. If you purchase 5 lessons together then the cost is $20 per 30 minute session and if you purchase 10 lessons together the cost is further reduced to $18 per 30 minute lesson.