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Tick Lasso (trix)

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Tick Lasso (trix)


The Trix Tick Lasso tick remover easily, safely and quickly removes the tick. And the best part is, YOU NEVER TOUCH THE TICK! The Trix tick remover is Swedish by design and manufacture. This extraordinary device painlessly removes the tick and holds onto it for you. Common tweezers can squeeze the tick or often leave the head in the skin which causes tick saliva to enter the hosts bloodstream. Other substances like petroleum jelly, finger nail polish, repellents and pesticides may agitate the tick and cause it to regurgitate as well as be harmful to your pet. The Trix Tick Remover lassoes the entire tick and removes it easily with a simple little twist. Its ease of use makes this wonderful tool ideal when used with pets that are hard to keep still. The design makes it easy to remove ticks from hard to reach areas like ears, thick fur or between paws. The removed tick is always captured at the tip of the remover and can be easily disposed of without touching it. The loop is made of special fiber which has a pull strength of more than 20lbs! The Trix Tick Lasso is by far the easiest way to remove ticks safely, effectively, quickly and painlessly.

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